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Your own SAT/ACT study plan for success in college application

We provide high-caliber instruction and resources to help motivated students excel on standardized tests and in the college application process. Furthermore, we help them to develop the skills and study habits necessary for success at the most competitive universities. Standardized tests measure and report a student’s fundamental academic skills – therefore, preparation for the SAT and/or ACT should be integrated into a student’s overall academic development. To achieve this goal, we emphasize individualized, adaptive teaching techniques which guarantee results by expanding the students’ knowledge base and building their confidence.

panding the students’ knowledge base and building their confidence.

Why Us?

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Your Own Curriculum

We focus on 1:1 and small-group instruction. Understanding that students excel in different areas and have different learning styles, we offer complimentary diagnostic and initial consultation sessions to determine the most effective curriculum for you.

Student and Teacher Management System

Graduated from top-tier schools, our SAT teaching staff is selected not only for their first-class intelligence, but also for their integrity, academic acumen, and professional moral standards. We provide unparalleled instruction and academic counseling to ensure your long-term success.

Fast Progress

Our student management system checks your progress frequently and makes sure that you are on the fast track toward your goals. The core academic abilities you will improve with our instruction and coaching are: critical & analytical thinking, logic, managing complexity, facility with language & expression, and mathematical skills and their applications.

Proven Results

For the past ten years, we have helped both international and local students attain their target scores and enter their dream schools through our holistic approach to building solid fundamental knowledge. Be one of them and become ready not only for the tests but also for the rigors of college.

We have built our reputation as SAT specialists.

How It Works

  • Get Your Free Consultation

    There is no commitment to sign up, but our SAT experts will work with you to review your current level, schedule, and target.

  • Get Your Free Diagnostic Test

    You will receive a FREE diagnostic test at the time of your choice.

  • Get Your Score Analysis

    Your diagnostic test will be scored by our SAT experts, and you will receive your test results with score analysis in 2 Business Days.

  • Build Your Own Roadmap

    Based upon your diagnostic test or previous standardized test score, we will customize a roadmap and schedule for you!

  • Achieve Your Target

    With our faculty’s expertise in Spoken English and student management team’s close monitoring, we guarantee your progress and success! Waste no time and join us now!

If You Are:

  • Junior: Make the best use of your time for SAT preparation. We will also help with your college application.
  • Sophomore: Start serious SAT preparation this summer.  Incorporate your dedicated SAT study into your school year. A full year of integrative study (guided or self-study) puts you in a great position to succeed.
  • A Freshman: Don’t waste this summer – be intellectually active.  Extra-early SAT studies will be helpful for the PSAT/NMSQT.

Where Do You Begin?

Contact us to get your FREE consultation now. Let’s build up your roadmap to achieve your goals.