Business Communication  & Leadership

For students and professionals interested in developing business career or MBA application, this program provides Business knowledge and Communication Arts. In the pre-MBA seminar, students will practice oral and written communication skills through intensive discussions and business case studies.

How We Help

In highly dynamic and challenging situations similar to those found in corporate life and MBA seminars, students will learn to integrate business knowledge with communication practices in realistic business settings. The course is designed to enlarge learner knowledge of the business world and develop the essential communication and language skills needed in business contexts. It aims to build competence, fluency and confidence in learners in handling telephoning, socializing, negotiating, meetings and presentations.

It aims to build competence, fluency and confidence in learners

Why Us

It aims to build competence, fluency and confidence in learners

Personalized Program: Your Industry-Focused

We never offer the same program to any group of participants. We design your personalized program with your company’s and personal goals in mind.

Integrated Business-Communication Education

The program offers a set of advanced business seminars combined with communication (discussion, presentation, etc.) training, as well as the authentic business environment .

High ROI (Return On Investment) of Your Time

Our business program in Boston helps you improve your understanding of business norms, etiquette and culture required for your international business, especially with American partners/customers.

Practical Value for Your Business in the Global Economy

Your career-oriented program immediately produces practical value to grow your business in the global economy.

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What We Offer

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