Career Pathway Internship


  • 1st phase (first three weeks): Intensive Workplace English education for adjustment, Internship application preparation (Introduction to various careers, consultation, resume & cover letter writing) plus general intensive English
  • 2nd phase (second three weeks): Career related activity training (self-evaluation, English interview, group discussion) and speaking skills at work (Business presentation, daily business report writing, negotiation skills, work ethics)
  • 3rd phase (final two weeks): Individual internship experience, Field report writing, Field seminars, Continuous Business English lessons, Career Development and career mentoring


  • Center for American education/culture and knowledge industry: Students take advantage of what the Boston area has to offer, including many prestigious historical schools such as Harvard and MIT, and educational, cultural, industrial infrastructure
  • Career assistance and business experience: Specially designed program of state University (Professional Communication classes, career seminar) and hands-on internship experience
  • Career project: Students set a goal for their study before they go through research, career preparation, language education, and field application program, and they are evaluated at every stage working towards concrete and positive outcome
  • The University of Massachusetts career pathways program ‘completion certificate’: Completion certificate is awarded based on the students’ attitude and field evaluations
  • Special classes for promoting globalized career competitiveness and competency: 15 hours of class for phase 1~2 and 10 hours of class with another 10 hours of workshop & seminar for phase 3
  • Follow-up service: Students can register for online classes after completing the program (UMass e-Learning)

Student Service

  • Services provided by International Program Office on a campus
  • Bilingual student management coordinator
  • University facilities including gym/library/student center

Application Components

  • Completed Application
  • One Essay (no more than two-pages, double-spaced) discussing the following items:
  • Describe your career and personal goals. Explain how your participation in the Global Business Practice Program would contribute to these objectives.
  • Official College Transcript
  • Résumé