English Test Prep Books

SEI TOEFL Books were written and designed to serve many students striving to achieve a high TOEFL score, as well as for those seeking to improve their English communication skills. It was developed and researched for the benefit of our TOEFL students, in recognition of their need for high-quality TOEFL tutorial books. These books present testing strategies to every section and question type tested in the TOEFL iBT. Sample questions, tests, and exercises, based on extensive research with real TOEFL tests, are provided with sample answers so that students may become familiar with format of the test and gauge their performance and progress.

The SEI TOEFL book series consist of 12 books from beginning level, intermediate level, and the advanced level. Supplementary books such as Grammar and Vocabulary are also currently being developed.

SEI TOEFL Intermediate Series

SEI TOEFL Advanced Series