Exchange Students


Who: International students (6-12th grade)

How Long: 6 months or less

The purpose of the Global Citizenship Program allows students to participate in educational opportunities that will help prime them to work in a globalized world. Students involved in this program (both international and American) acquire a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives. International students engage in self reflection, learn about the American education system, and develop a more globally-aware mindset. Activities in this program include enrollment in a Boston school, participation in after-school programs, completing individual projects, participating in a mentorship program with Harvard students, and attending leadership-skill building workshops. These activities will help them grow into society-defining global leaders.


  • Day School Study

    Full immersion at American schools offers the highest level of cultural and linguistic exposure. It also allows for a deep understanding of American society, education, and culture.

  • After-school Class

    After-school English classes customized according to each student’s personal goals and academic level.

  • Harvard Mentoring

    Educational counseling and leadership education by Harvard students

  • Community Service

    Participation in volunteer services that benefit schools or local communities allows students to experience the essence of American spirit.

  • Sharing Cultures with American Children and Parents

    Our public event for a town community revolves around a student presentation on international students’ culture given to American students and their parents and family. Through this event, Americans gain a better understanding of international culture and practices.

  • Weekend Activity

    There are a variety of activities prepared every weekend to experience American spirit, culture and tradition: tours of prestigious colleges and conversation with attending students, volunteering, leadership education, visits to historical sites, exciting sightseeing in Boston and NY city among many more activities.


Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

Our three Stepup students Wonyoung Jang, Junhyuk Park and Hyukje Kwon participated in the CTY (Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins University) Talent Search.

And all of them exceeded the required Award Ceremony scores and will be honored in Spring 2014 for their outstanding achievements. Special Kudos to Instructor, William Jameson.


Also Congratulations to Brian Min (11th grade). Perfect score on October 2013 PSAT/NMSQT  and 2330 on November 2013 SAT!
Special Kudos to Instructor,  Sean Smeland.