Global Business Communication Books

Global Business Communication Skills (Core Course Series)

Series 1

Lesson 1 – Product Life Cycle and Companies’ Roles
Lesson 2 – Market Evolution
Lesson 3 – Setting and Managing Expectations
Lesson 4 – Negotiation
Lesson 5 – Fostering Creativity and Innovation

Series 2

Lesson 6 – Financial Management
Lesson 7 – Market Evolution
Lesson 8 – Industry Analysis
Lesson 9 – Competitive Analysis
Lesson 10 – Project Management Lesson B – Annual Report Overview 2
Lesson C – Internal Analysis
Lesson D – Project Structure

Global Business MBA Communication

The creation of a series of seven business course materials (book, video, and animation, audio) with an emphasis on the acquisition of essential skills in English is not only innovative but also critical for individuals who wish to gain a competitive edge in today’s workplace.

The courses have a clear focus on the student who is best able to determine his/her goals through a self-directed approach. Although there has been a proliferation of business courses as well as English language lessons, the combination of business instruction plus targeted English study promises to maximize the student’s use of time, effort and learning potential.

The seven courses, possibly offering a large amount of class sessions (at maximum 460 class sessions), will appeal to students whose needs are varied, because they will find relevant courses that are compatible with their respective competencies in English proficiency and business knowledge or experience.

1Build Your Career, is to help those students with little business experience to improve business English necessary for their career planning and professional development.
2Communication Arts is uniquely tailored to assist those students who may have business experience but want to improve communication skills such as discussion or oral presentation.
3MBA English Introduction targets students with little business knowledge, helping them to gain basic concepts of business such as marketing, accounting, and more
4MBA English Intermediate is for students who possess basic knowledge in business to gain better understanding of business concepts such as marketing, accounting, and more.
5MBA English Advanced is for students with advanced English skills and general business knowledge.
6Business Writing Principles is for students to practice business writing format such as resume, business letter, memo, email, and more.
7Case Studies for Business Writing is for students to solve a business problem with proper writing skills. It combines business case study discussion with business writing practice.

The seven course materials follow a blueprint that allows students’ crucial flexibility as well as breadth and depth of subject matter, depending on their comparative skill levels in English and business.

The theoretical underpinnings of the course materials are the application of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences (MI) Theory, Cognitive Flexibility Theory and Second Language Acquisition (SLA) Theory. Also, the creation of the personalized student E-Portfolio will not only have tremendous benefit for the student while taking the courses but will also serve as a professional archive of his/her accomplishments. Certainly, a further plus is the use of actual Harvard Business School Cases and other authentic material relevant to the field.

We see the potential use of the Global Business Communication Books is not only by university students but also by corporate workers and potentially by highly motivated, career-oriented secondary school students who intend to pursue a business major. The unmistakable advantage of accelerated learning would have widespread draw for students and their parents alike, thus calling attention to the potential universal appeal of our Global Business Communication Books.

India, Vietnam Business English

The Academy at Harvard Square honors its promise to aid non-English speaking individuals achieve their dreams in the corporate and developing world. By providing exceptional educational resources through media and in-person instruction, it maintains its role as a Global Business, English Communications company, as well as a test preparation institute 2002, adding ‘Understing India’ and ‘Understanding Vietnam’ to The Academy’s various course curriculums allowed the company to meet international demands to facilitate cross- cultural exchange.