The Academy at Harvard Square (TAHS)


The Academy at Harvard Square (TAHS) an institution for global citizenship education.

TAHS (HSA Corporation) is located in the academically prestigious area of Harvard Square. TAHS provides educational programs to international students, professionals, and public/private organizations. With over a decade of experience, TAHS designs programs that enable individuals to achieve their academic and professional goals through acquiring a global mindset.

TAHS educational programs intend to be the main tool to transform individuals into prime human resources who act as competent and resourceful global citizens.

  • Junior Education

    Comprehensive education programs for elementary, junior and high school students around the WORLD. More than just rigorous coursework, these programs offer personalized opportunities to meet the needs of every individual student. The goal is to develop well rounded students who exhibit superior academic skills, a worldly outlook and discipline.

  • University Projects

    University Projects provide English language programs and consulting to public schools, local governments, or civil organizations which are committed to helping low-income immigrants or children learn English. These initiatives may be coordinated with public schools’ educational reform efforts.

  • Career Development

    English language and internship programs to prepare students with appropriate global business skills. Especially, it offers Medical Career Development programs. The long-term path intends to motivate and lead high school (or college) students into becoming medical professionals such as medical doctor, dentist, nurse, and pharmacist, while the short-term path is workshops for foreign medical professionals to enhance their professional abilities in America and a global world.

  • Language Education

    The Academy’s Language Education center is focusing on English training for English as a Second Language learners. The Academy’s curriculum ranges from fundamental English training including Spoken English to Academic English such as TOEFL/ SAT reading and writing. It also includes general English and professional communication arts, both oral and written – discussion, negotiation, presentation lessons, which simulate both content and group discussion experiences of typical MBA class and Business Writing.

  • Research & Development

    The mission of SEI R&D is to expand and establish highly effective models for English learning in order to support social development projects of its parent organization (TAHS / HSA Corporation) which uses language educational resources to promote social development.