Message from Dr. Mary Cazabon

For over 10 years, TAHS has been offering unique educational experiences focusing on global citizenship education provided to a wide and diverse range of international and immigrant students as well as professionals seeking career advancement. Having established strong affiliations with public and private organizations including prestigious higher institutions of learning, elementary and secondary schools, local communities, and national and international governmental agencies, TAHS is fulfilling its central mission of optimizing human development  and security by preserving its essential and fundamental beliefs that fostering global citizenship will improve the possibility of international peace, cross-cultural understanding, and tolerance among diverse peoples world-wide.

TAHS believes in the capacity for its students to reach their highest human potential through its 5 core programs that focus on global citizenship, personalized learning, and leadership:

Our programs are specifically designed to realize students’ personal aspirations and activate their creativity in specially designed learning environments that integrate interactive technology, emphasize cross-cultural and linguistic communication and cooperation by building each student’s self-esteem and confidence to fulfill his/her potential while experiencing authentic contentedness to the global community.

As president of TAHS and as an experienced educator and researcher, I believe that our programs are fulfilling a need at the local, national, and international community levels. I advocate for ongoing program evaluation, collaborative research partnerships and longitudinal research to ensure that programs such as ours are well implemented and deliver the quality education that our students deserve.

Mary Cazabón, Ed.D. brings academic experience and educational leadership to TAHS in design and inception of innovative research-

based programs for English learners (ELLs) and E nglish-only students including Dual and Foreign Language programs, Transitional Bilingual Education programs, and Sheltered English Immersion classrooms. She has extensive experience in conducting research and evaluation, and in delivering technical assistance to schools, districts, universities, and state departments of education. From 1994-2008, she served as Director of Bilingual/ESL Programs (Kindergarten through Grade 12) Cambridge, MA, and has rendered technical services to dual and foreign language programs and instructional programs for ELLs as well as evaluations through her work from 2008 to present at WestEd. She also taught graduate courses in the Department of Applied Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts Boston while being the Title III Coordinator of Teaching Science to English Language Learners and Teaching Social Studies/History to English Language Learners.