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Y. Inoue (from Japan): TOEFL iBT score boosted from 40 to 73 in 6 weeks only! — Let’s listen to her story!


We have built our reputation as TOEFL specialists. With our expertise in TOEFL test prep, we have helped numerous students from all over the world get in their dream schools, including Harvard and Yale.

We have built our reputation as TOEFL specialists.

Why Us?

We have built our reputation as TOEFL specialists.

Customized Study Plan

Never a single study plan for any student. We set each student’s goal and design your personalized “roadmap” to achieve your goal.

Student and Teacher Management System

A team of experts takes care of you through unparalleled instruction and academic counseling.

Fast Progress

Our student management system checks your progress frequently and makes sure that you are on the fast track toward your goals.

Proven Results

We have published our SEI TOEFL Prep Books, which have better prepared our students for the actual TOEFL test compared to other TOEFL prep books.

Official Test Center

We are an official ETS TOEFL iBT test center. You can take your official TOEFL test in our learning center where you study.

We have built our reputation as TOEFL specialists.

How It Works

  • Get Your Free Consultation

    There is no commitment to sign up, but our TOEFL expert staff will work with you to review your current score, schedule, and target score.

  • Get Your Free Diagnostic Test

    You will receive a FREE diagnostic test in all four sections of the TOEFL: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

  • Get Your Score Analysis

    Your diagnostic test’s speaking and writing sections are scored by our TOEFL experts. You will receive your test results with score analysis in 2 Business Days.

  • Build Your Roadmap

    Based upon your diagnostic test or previous TOEFL score, we will customize a roadmap and schedule for you! If you can only do 1-3 classes a week and/or need help in one or two of the sections (Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening), it is possible.

  • Achieve Your Target Score

    With our faculty’s expertise in TOEFL and student management team’s close monitoring, we guarantee your progress and success! Read what our students feel about our TOEFL program in the right column, and you can be as successful as them. Waste no time and join us now!

Where Do You Begin?

Contact us to get your free consultation now. Let’s build up your roadmap to achieve a higher score.

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