Spoken English & Integrated Tasks (SEI)

The mission of SEI R&D is to expand and establish highly effective models for English learning in order to support social development projects of its parent organization (HSA/JG Corporation) which uses language educational resources to promote social development.

The target audience of our R&D and publishing includes: International students, immigrants in the United States as well as students and professionals outside the United States.

Our R&D and publishing aim at these four pillars:

  • Build the fundamentals of The English language.
  • Develop the art of communication, reasoning & analytical skills.
  • Integrate communication skills and knowledge.
  • Develop a career in the global economy.
  • SEI R&D Institute also supports EDR (English Divide Reform) initiatives which aims at social progress through English education improvement.

Key Members for R&D

  • Director Jay Jang (MPA, Harvard University; MBA, New York University)
  • Senior Academic Advisor Mary Cazabon (Ph.D. of Applied Linguistics, Boston University)
  • Administration Director Yuchung Jeong (MA-TESOL, New York University)
  • TOEFL/NEAT R&D Program Manager Sunny Kwon (MA-TESOL, Boston University)
  • ESL Education Program Manager Jules Shin (MA-TESOL, SIT)
  • Senior R&D Members
    • Sean Smeland (MA, Columbia University; BA, Yale University),
    • Mitchell Miller (M.Ed. Harvard University)
    • Miya Perry (BA, Brown University),
    • John Sheehy (BA, Brown University),
    • Eunyoung Park (M.Ed-TESOL, Boston University),
    • Swann Lee (MA, UC Berkeley)

Key Members for R&D

2001 – 2003Develop e-Learning multi-media contents (Global Business)
2004Present the effective learning model of Spoken English (based on cognitive linguistics) to at MIT
2008Develop SAT Tutorial Books for Advanced Academic Study
2008Design the program and curriculum for training of English teachers in East Asia,
in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts
2008Develop Business & English education books: Vietnam, India
2009Publish “US Taekwondo English for School Education”
2010 – 2011Publish “SEI TOEFL” book series for academic English
2011Publish SEI NEAT (National English Ability Test) books for Korean students