Step Up Academic Tutoring


Purpose: This program is to challenge students academically, to help them develop good study habits, and to mentor them throughout their elementary and secondary school careers.

Who: International and local students (3-10th grade)

Duration: Fall, spring, and summer sessions

We Strive for Academic Excellence

The Academy at Harvard Square brings over 10 years of ESL research and teaching experience to students currently attending American schools. TAHS uses an expert understanding of the fundamentals of language learning to provide students with the most comprehensive ESL/ELA program.

The Literacy Development Program is based on the belief that every student has the ability to succeed. This program is offered to students struggling with basic literacy skills and helps bridge the achievement gap. The ideal candidates for this program are ESL and ELL students currently enrolled in an American school.

The Intensive Academic Program is based on the idea that high-achieving students may not be academically challenged enough by the standard curriculum offered at their grade level. TAHS helps prepare these students to attend top tier colleges and achieve ambitious goals.

Step Up is designed for students of all levels and will help improve any student’s academic performance. In addition to helping individual students, Step Up provides a great service to partner schools. The program serves to “fill the gap” or function as an extension of the school, rather than as an external entity.

Education Process

  • Diagnostic Test

    Every student is required to take a reading comprehension, writing, and math assessment. This allows TAHS to quantitatively measure the students level and track progress.

  • Initial Consultation

    In addition to a quantitative assessment, it is critical for the TAHS expert to assess any non cognitive factors that may effects the student’s learning. This allows TAHS to develop a program and curriculum specific to the student’s needs.

  • Placement

    Based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures, TAHS experts will place the student in an appropriate program and class. Instructors and materials are chosen based on the students needs.

  • Class

    Every instructor tailors lessons and syllabi to meet the student’s aptitude and pace. The classes rely heavily on socratic style discussion, in addition to rigorous independent work. The students are encouraged to question material and explain their understanding.

  • Advising and Mentoring

    In addition to a dedicated instructor, all students have access to a team of caring advisors and mentors. Every staff member at TAHS is dedicated to helping every student achieve success. TAHS actively monitors every student’s behavior and performance in order to address problems before they fully manifest. In the event that a student is underperforming, the student’s parents, instructor and TAHS mentors participate in counseling sessions to directly address the problem.

  • Assessment/Evaluation

    Though the student’s progress is evaluated in many non- quantitative ways, tangible test score improvement is a key indicator of the student’s understanding. For this reason, the student will be administered a number of reading comprehension and writing tests (sometimes in the form of small quizzes, activities and/or projects) to check for understanding.  Upon completion of the class, the student will be given a final assessment (similar in form the diagnostic assessment) to evaluate their progress. This score will be used for further placement, if necessary.

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High School Program

Middle School Program

*1:1 and group class available

Please ask us for more information

Please ask us for more information