Study Abroad

Our junior education team supports international students who intend on attending a high school in the Boston area and advance to a prestigious American college.

The “Total care” Service is provided to students whose parents cannot stay with them for the duration of their studies in the United States. Therefore, our student service and room & board service team should take a good care of young students on behalf of their parents, including:

  • Security
  • Safety
  • Health care and nutrition (especially monitored and advised by our preventive medical experts)
  • Lodging
  • Early settlement care including the airport pick up
  • Emotional development and stability
  • Attitude and behavior development
  • Socializing and team-working
  • Academic counseling
  • Advice for after-school tutoring
  • Planning extracurricular activities
  • Guardianship in relation to schools and governments.

Consequently, this program selects those students with high potential, providing for them a total student service as listed above, along with our admissions consulting service for school placement as listed below. The essence of the program is built on a close collaboration between the program , our partner, schools that keeps students highly motivated and disciplined toward their college admissions. The program offers personalized curriculum for every student. However, students follow a general “Roadmap” for 7th-8th graders designed for students looking to attend prestigious colleges and develop their leadership in academic or professional career in the long run.

As students enter 7th grade, they prepare for private high school entrance exams such as the SSAT and ISEE, and study for the SAT in preparation for admission to gifted child education such as CTY(Center for Talented Youth) program at John’s Hopkins University. For fundamental skills such as reading, writing, and math, our center offers the STEP UP program for elementary and middle school students.

Ivy Bound Admissions Consulting

When it comes to elite College and High School admissions, our highly experienced, Harvard-graduate Ivy Bound Admissions Consultants know exactly what to do. They succeeded through the process themselves, and they have worked with and counseled hundreds of students facing the admissions process.

Our complete admissions consulting includes:

Build Your Achievement (9th -11th grade)

Academic Planning

Our consultants develop an ideal academic schedule for the client’s present schooling.

Examination Planning

We develop the ideal testing (e.g. SSAT, SAT I, SAT II subject tests, AP exams, etc.) schedule to match the client’s strengths, academic schedule, and to maximize admissions results.

Extracurricular Planning

Admissions consultants examine client’s activities and local options in order to develop the best extracurricular resume for the client’s interests and for their college or private high school applications.

Present Your Desire (11th -12th grade)

“Applicant Picture”

Every student should have an “applicant picture” that they present to admissions officers. Our consultants develop the applicant’s “hook”, accentuate achievements, and bury weaknesses in order to create the absolute finest “applicant picture.”

School Selection

We work with students and parents to develop a personalized list of target schools, including “top choices” and “safety schools”.

Materials Procurement

CampusPREP consultants will procure all necessary applications materials for our clients.


Once a deadlines calendar is jointly developed, it is strictly enforced by our consultants.

Hi-Tech Interview Training

Consultants carry on a series of interview trainings and practice interviews with clients.


Admissions consultants will review recommendations options and advise the client in her recommendations selections.


Admissions consultants will personally assist clients in filling out applications. This is an extended process; we will walk applicants through it step-by-step.

Personal Statement

Our experts will extensively edit and develop drafts of client essays until the application is perfect.

School Choice

Our consultants will help the client make a personal decision on how to navigate waitlists and school choice and will help them select the perfect school for their future.


Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

Our three Stepup students Wonyoung Jang, Junhyuk Park and Hyukje Kwon participated in the CTY (Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins University) Talent Search.

And all of them exceeded the required Award Ceremony scores and will be honored in Spring 2014 for their outstanding achievements. Special Kudos to Instructor, William Jameson.


Also Congratulations to Brian Min (11th grade). Perfect score on October 2013 PSAT/NMSQT  and 2330 on November 2013 SAT!
Special Kudos to Instructor,  Sean Smeland.