US TaeKwonDo English for School Education

TAHS has contributed to improvement of American primary education. TAHS R&D team developed a book and CD-ROM titled “US Taekwondo English for School Education” in 2009. It is to train Korean Taekwondo instructors to become effective teachers for American children in US public elementary schools. This project is in collaboration with US Taekwondo Education Foundation, Inc. which is supported by the Korean national government. The program is intended to develop both intellectual and emotional development through promotion of both physical and mental practice.

What is inside?

The CD for prospective Taekwondo instructors who need to practice English language includes video/audio for self-practice of English related to Taekwondo education.

Part I – Introduction to Taekwondo
  • Chapter 1 – Taekwondo Overview
  • Chapter 2 – Taekwondo Spirit and Philosophy
  • Chapter 3 – Taekwondo Curriculum Overview
  • Chapter 4 – Taekwondo action demonstration and teaching
Part II – The Practice of Taekwondo Education in American Schools
  • Chapter 1 – Taekwondo’s Educational Value
  • Chapter 2 – Client management: student, parents, and community relations
  • Chapter 3 – Teaching Taekwondo in Public Elementary Schools: Physical Education Class