University Programs

University programs are short and long-term programs to support schools, universities, governments, and international organizations that are committed to public education. Through private and public partnerships, we develop innovative education models such as UBCE (Universities of Boston/New York Campus PREP Enrichment).

Programs Supporting The University of Massachusetts

  • Universities of Boston/New York Campus PREP Enrichment (UBCE): It is a special program to effectively prepare students from East Asian countries for undergraduate study at UMass Boston. It aims to provide a path of personal and social development in an academic setting. The curriculum offers a combination of ESL study, college lecture, and academic counseling for matriculate program to acquire the UMass’s bachelor degree.
  • UMass Joint ESL: Our intensive full-time ESL program is a prestigious joint program between The Academy at Harvard Square and the University of Massachusetts Boston. It is specially designed for highly motivated students who want to improve their English competency efficiently and effectively, with the support of experienced and inspiring English language teaching professionals.
  • Academic Seminar: It is a culture exchange and academic seminar program for international college students. They will experience various cultural events, American historic sites, and the campus life in prestigious universities such as the University of Massachusetts Boston, Harvard, and MIT. Students are expected to understand American society and culture and feel the spirit of America.
  • Business Seminar: The University of Massachusetts and EDR intend to help corporate employees who work for business crucial for the globe’s future such as green energy, finance, and more.